6 Common questions about my artwork

Cockatoo Art for sale

1. Why do I make cockatoo art?

I used cockatoos as a symbol for narratives in my artwork. The significance of the cockatoos varied from time to time, but I often drew parallels between the tale of the yellow-crested cockatoo in Hong Kong and my own narrative.  These birds were a regular part of my childhood, which evoked feelings of nostalgia and optimism. Even now, they reminded me of the youth that has been lost with age. Like Christopher Rothko’s words about his father, Mark Rothko, “Pain is intensified by the lingering taste of the cherished things that have been lost.” I hope that my work also brings a mixture of emotions to my viewers. 

Read more about the story of yellow-crested cockatoo in this blog post and the effort to save them by Dr. Astrid Andersson.

2. What distinguishes my work from other cockatoos’ art?

My artwork does not focus on creating lifelike depictions of ‘cute animals’. Rather, I strive to build meaningful stories using cockatoos as motifs in my work. Additionally, I layer a range of colors to achieve atmospheric effects, so my artworks captivate the viewer upon viewing in person.

3. Why don’t you draw more varieties of cockatoos?

The yellow-crested cockatoo is the type of cockatoo most frequently featured in my artwork. The bird has an intriguing history, which I have previously discussed in a separate post. I encountered these birds on a regular basis during my childhood in Hong Kong.

What I want to convey with my work

My artwork is not concerned with the production of realistic representations of ‘cute animal’ portrait paintings. Through the rendering of vibrant cockatoo artworks, I aspire to communicate a variety of narratives in my work.

The cockatoos are a distant memory of mine. I see numerous parallels between my personal narrative and Hong Kong’s cockatoos.

I deliberately depict individual cockatoos in many of my pieces, so that the subject is compelled to confront the world or environment around it.

Abstract work

Some of the particular artworks are inclined towards the abstract style category, while others have a more recognizable background. These works are intended to evoke a variety of emotions and create an ambiance.

I employ a spectrum of hues to attain the delicate luminous effect. What you observe is multiple strata of diverse colors to realize the vividness. Watercolor is a rather inexorable medium and oftentimes it is challenging to discern what is the optimal selection.


4. What is the material I use?

I use the highest quality watercolor pigment and paper. The pigment is repeatedly tested by its manufacturers to have excellent lightfastness. With proper framing with archival material, the artwork will last a long time.

Occasionally, I use mixed media in my work to achieve different effects.

5. What type of art do I sell now?

I currently have both original paintings and a small amount of cockatoo art prints available. 

See originals available

See high-quality art prints available

The art print is a high-grade giclée print, produced by professionals in a limited quantity in Vancouver.

I do not offer digital reproductions of my work.

6. What comes with my art?

My original artwork will come with a signed certificate of authenticity. For larger works, it will be carefully packaged and handled by professional shipping companies.

I currently provide two framing options at an additional cost.

    • With glass: The painting will be professionally framed with museum-grade glass, which offers certain advantages but also carries a higher risk of damage and associated shipping costs.
    • On canvas stretcher: I also mount my artwork on canvas stretchers and apply a protective varnish before having it professionally framed locally. The benefit is that you will feel much closer to the work when the work is hung on your wall. This method allows for a more intimate experience when the work is hung on your wall and eliminates the risk of breakage during transit.

Works for fundraising purpose

I occasionally sell works for fundraising purpose to donate to organizations such as Greyhaven Bird Sanctuary and The Nest in Vancouver. They are both non-profit rescuing and aiding birds in Vancouver.

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