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My work is a paean to life, its foundations are laid in my Asian heritage that everything we experience is transient and will one day perish like water. Whilst contemporary art tends to interrogate the current state of the world, I consider myself of an observer. This is why I devote my creative energy to composing artwork for this existence we call life.
I often employ cockatoo, inspired by the wild birds I witnessed in my childhood, to embody a neutral and curious energy. Even though the Cockatoo memories are from my schooling in Hong Kong, I strive to avoid any overt regional connotations. I work predominantly in watercolors, combining two-dimensional solid color planes and three-dimensional techniques to further emphasize the impermanent and serene atmosphere. My aspiration is that my work will evoke optimism and emotional resonance.

About Taaye

Being born in Hong Kong, I have always been enthralled by birds (and art) from a young age. I particularly cultivated a fondness for cockatoos after discovering a duo of them perched atop a tree at the basketball court next to my school. Whenever they appeared and flew around our school grounds, I would hurry around in search of the ideal spot to watch them. In a rigorous and disciplined school setting, these cockatoos became one of the few things I felt attached to and eagerly anticipated seeing each day.

Despite journeying to various places, relocating to Canada, and studying at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, my adoration for birds has remained a constant in my life – through all my highs and lows. At home, I have been living with my Quaker parrot for approximately twenty years now, and I have been so fortunate to observe his highs and lows too – every emotion and quirk up close.

Group Show (SELECTED)


ArtRich 2023, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada
Eastside Cultural Crawl Art Roulette Show, Vancouver, Canada
August Studio Group Show, Vancouver, Canada
“Womxn in Power Vol. 3”, The Wells Studio, Vancouver, Canada



Eastside Cultural Crawl, Vancouver, Canada


Japan International Watercolor Institute, Online/Sado Art Museum, Japan




Create! Art Festival – “Expressive bird illustration” Instructor
Deserres watercolor in-person workshops


Create! Art Festival – Assistant Artist




Burnaby Art Guild Artist Talk & Demo
Opus Art Supplies online live demo



2021 Vancouver Asian Film Festival – short interview
The 2nd International Masters of Watercolour Alliance Finalist Announcement




International Watercolor Summit – Portrait battle – 1st place


The 2nd International Masters of Watercolour Alliance Member Selection Contest 2021, Finalist

International Watercolour Master(IWM), Commended Award





BFA, Rhode Island School of Design 2012