Are there cockatoos on the island

“The Art of letting go
36.5cm x 54.5cm
Watercolor on paper. Painted in 2023

A friend of mine gifted me a new pan of Kissho Gansai’s Hana Byakuroku pigment, which has a lot of opacity and vibrancy due to its white color. I decided to pair it with some pyrrol orange and lemon yellow to create a subtle expression. Despite the fact that the colors I chose are generally very vibrant, I toned down the end result to reflect my feelings during this period of time. As I approached the end of a long, dark tunnel in my life, my bird’s cancer left a tinge of sadness and concern in everything. Despite this, I continue to find inspiration in Nihonga, and I pay tribute to it through the subtle treatment of paint and the mirage of the image.

“A glimpse”
35.5cm x 52.5cm
Watercolor on paper. Painted in 2023

In this particular piece, I was inspired to explore the vast spectrum of pink and violet. The background was meticulously crafted with a blend of toned-down lemon yellow, violet, and cerulean blue to serve as an ideal undertone. For the top layer, I intentionally brought brown back to create a volumetric, soft glowing effect that added a hazy lighting quality to the painting. The placement of the cockatoo, positioned at a distance, evokes a sense of nostalgic memory.

36cm x 54.5cm
Watercolor on paper. Painted in 2023

No, they ain’t any.


Throughout the process of crafting this series, I found myself navigating a tumultuous period in my life. My beloved Quaker parrot, who had been a cherished companion for over two decades, was grappling with cancer, and I was simultaneously grappling with issues of career and financial stability. The profound emotional highs and lows that I experienced during this time stirred within me a heightened sense of compassion for the world and its complexities.

Intentionally incorporating layered colors in a more subdued manner in this series, while still preserving their inherent vibrancy, I sought to convey a deeper narrative about the ebb and flow of emotions, as well as the cyclical nature of life’s ups and downs.

The cockatoo, which I had previously employed as a symbol of inquisitive energy, continued to evolve and assumed a more ethereal and elusive form. My artistic focus shifted towards capturing atmospheric sensations, informed by my innate inclination to perceive things from a panoramic perspective, as well as my occasional sense of regret for past occurrences.


This series embodies a high level of spontaneous creation, beginning with the application of an underlying shade across the entire surface. Utilizing my extensive experience working with various watercolor brands, I repeat the process with varying opacities and granulations of colors, allowing each layer to settle and naturally form textural irregularities. Finally, I meticulously examine the nuances and variations that arise from the composition, carefully responding to them and weaving them into the final piece. The result is a work of art that exudes a subtle yet captivating charm, revealing intricate and delicate details upon close inspection.

“That pink tree in your heart
Watercolor and pencil on paper. Painted in 2022

“Are there cocaktoos on the island?”
35cm x 52cm
Watercolor on paper. Painted in 2022